From Gevrey Chambertin
The Estate
To Mercurey

Domaine Belleville

Domaine Belleville came into being at the beginning of the 20th century in the land surrounding Rully.  

It owns 22 hectares of vineyards, including 4 hectares which are leased out, and 2 hectares of land extending from Gevrey Chambertin in the north to Mercurey in the south. It tends 18 hectares of vines, with 70 ares* in Gevrey Chambertin, 15 ares* in Chambolle Musigny, 40 ares* in Puligny Montrachet, 70 ares* in Santenay, 10.5 hectares in Rully and a further 5.5 hectares in Mercurey, which have been tended using organic production methods since 2017.
* 1 are = one hundred square metres

Rully & Mercurey, two famous villages
from the Côte Chalonnaise 

The vineyards in Rully represent the vast majority of the Domaine's vineyards and are planted with 8.25 ha of Chardonnay and 2.25 ha of Pinot noir.

The Belleville domaine has 5 white premiers crus here, La Pucelle, les Cloux, Rabourcé, la Fosse and Chapitre and 1 red premier cru, Chapitre, representing more than 4 ha in total, with the village appellation climats representing less than 6.5 ha.

Domaine de Rully has the greatest range of premiers crus.
The village of Rully is particularly well-known for its remarkable limestone terroir, which has sufficient marl and clay for the chardonnay grape to have found its terroir of choice.

The white wines that are produced here easily rival those produced at close-by Côte de Beaune. They are ample and smooth with good consistency and noble texture, similar to those of Mersault.

The well-known Cloux and Rabourcé climats give rise to supple, ample wines, with excellent consistency and an exquisite texture, whilst the similarly well-known Pucelle climat produces a white wine that stands out as a result of its more apparent minerality and its full, lasting flavour.

The red wines are tender and fruity with a marked liveliness and exquisite minerality.

The vines in Mercurey represent the second cluster of the Domaine's vineyards and 1 ha is planted with Chardonnay and 4.5 ha with Pinot noir. The Domaine Belleville has 1 red premier cru here, the well-known Clos l'Evèque extending over 65 ares, with village appellation climats representing less than 5 ha.

The terroir of the village of Mercurey enjoys exceptional geological diversity, which creates extensive variety in the wines produced there. The red wines, which are predominant, produced on stony soil resulting from layers of hard limestone are highly sought after for their complexity and ability to age well.

Clos l'Evèque is a model of balance with finely-sculpted, well-assumed strength which makes it extremely elegant.

The white wines, produced on fine marl and clay soils, are well-structured, ample and generous.