Our Values 
To become part of 
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    Heritage and History
    in seeking Excellence,

    For over one hundred years in Burgundy, the Belleville Domaine vineyards have upheld its reputation as having the most history-laden Climats in Rully. The "Les Cloux" and "Rabourcé" climats are the site of the original village, as the presence of Gallo-Roman remains testify.
    The medieval history of Rully and Mercurey also confirm the long-standing presence of the Domaine Belleville vineyards, most notably the "La Pucelle", "Le Chapitre" and the "Clos L'Evèque" Climats. 

    Throughout the ages, the Belleville Domaine has set down roots in the lands of Rully and Mercurey to become the iconic domaine it is today. 

    We are the custodians of these heritage-rich lands and it is really important to us, out of respect for this heritage and for its environment, to ensure that it continues to be productive.

    Heirs to this heritage which is steeped in history, we take the greatest possible care of it to enhance and enrich it further so that it can be handed on to future generations in the best possible condition. 

    Indeed our vocations is to pass on these lands steeped in history and heritage, so that our descendants can continue to perpetuate the work accomplished by their ancestors.

  • 2.

    with Honesty and Humility, 

    At Domaine Belleville we share the belief that wine is a passion that bonds Humankind, a link that enhances Humanity and spans Time. 

    Of all the qualities that we have implemented to succeed to date, humility and honesty have played a key role in rising to meet challenges. 

    Humility with regard to the Domaine's history, humility to preserve the Terroir and to support the various specific requirements of the Domaine's Climats. 

    Honesty to further the development of the vineyard and to produce its wines in accordance with organic good practices, honesty to guarantee compliance with Plot system. 

    Honesty and humility help us to implement the sum of all these details which combine to create greatness and light up our way in our quest for Excellence to reveal Rully and Mercurey as Grands Terroirs of Burgundy.

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    and with respect for the Terroirs, 
    Nature and Humankind.

    Marked by the passing of time, entrenched in history and developed to its highest possible form in Burgundy, the Terroir is the Quintessence of the manifestation of a Grand Vin. 

    To achieve this, Domaine Belleville has always risen to the challenges of Excellence. 

    We cultivate our vineyards exclusively as Plots, following the restrictive rule of "one Climat, one wine". 

    Throughout the year each Climat is given individual, bespoke attention through crop-based practices that reflect its specificities, thereby allowing it to express the unique nature of its Terroir.

    Unique in Rully and Mercurey, this crop practice has been further developed since 2017 with the transition to organic production.

    Every day we set about our work as wine producers in accordance with the needs of nature and her energies, particularly in terms of working the soil, drastically reducing inputs and using natural soil improvers only. 

    Plot-based management and conversion to organic farming techniques are actions that emphatically reflect our acknowledgement of the importance of respecting the Terroir and Nature in the quest for excellence that informs our decisions and acts.